How Can You Offer Websites For Such A Low Price?

“How can you offer websites for such a low price?”  The answer is quite simple. We are not trying to make a profit from this. The US$ 500.00 covers our expenses. Our aim is to help others at this time. Great websites at a low price are our way of being a part of the new global community.

“Typically, it can cost thousands of dollars to get a website setup and the annual fees. We want to help others, instead of trying to take advantage of their situation.” — MW Director of Help You Get Online  

We are waiving the extra charges for managing the websites in order to bring simple, yet very functional websites to small businesses around the world during these challenging times.

For two years, small business can get a professional, yet simple website hosted with:

  • A professional, yet simple website;
  • You receive your domain name (.com, .net, .org, etc);
  • 2 years of domain and site hosting;
  • An online store with store manager capabilities to manage your inventory and prices;
  • System updates each week;
  • Four (4) site revisions per year;
  • Up to 25 email addresses “@yourdomain”;
  • An additional 4 web pages on your site, if necessary (not including store and store products);
  • A mobile responsive website;
  • Secure protocols (https) site at no additional charge or recurring monthly fees; (What are these?)
  • TrustedSite marker for the first 500 visitors each month (What is this?);
  • Google Search verification of your site;
  • Data Protection Privacy/GDPR compliance;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Backlinks;
  • And a multi language Google translation of your site, selection made by the site visitor (up to 5 preselected languages which you choose).
  • Social Media Links

Additionally, we can assist in setting up your social media and help you sell through the various social media outlets. The sky is the limit and now is the time to take advantage of it and grow your online presence.  Still wondering if you need a website?

Now is the time to get online. Ask us how. Visit us on Facebook.