What we offer is an eCommerce website on a WordPress platform with shared hosting and a WooCommerce store. What else we offer is Google Search Verification, Search Engine Optimization and peace of mind that your online presence is in good hands. Additionally, every website will come with SSL certificates included in your plan.

“Building a website for our clients is not enough. We owe them no less than to push them higher on the search engine results for their local industry and help their customers find them. If we do that, we will have helped them beyond simply getting them online and far more than they expected.” — MW Director of Help You Get Online

Why WordPress?

WordPress is very search engine friendly. The clean codes are easy for search engines to read and simple to navigate. Every image has the meta tags to increase the chances of you being near the top of the search results.

As your business grows, your website can grow with it. The websites are very easy to update and add new features. Many new requests can be met within minutes. As a result, your website’s new features will be ready instantly.

Your staff can easily assist. Staff members with access can update inventory, add new products, change prices, set limited time sale prices, and change basic details. WordPress allows multiple users with varying levels of access.

There is a built in blog feature. You can easily create informative posts, have archived information readily available and quickly share things in your community. There is no requirement to have separate platforms or feeds.

Work from anywhere. WordPress is functional on any computer, tablet or phone. You can quickly update your store while taking a nice walk by the river on an sunny afternoon.

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Why Shared Hosting?

Affordability. Just as the storage space is shared for your website, the cost is also shared. Even though the websites all share the server, each is completely independent. This keeps your money in your business, not tied up in empty serve storage space.

Support and Maintenance. Hosts are on hand, around the clock to monitor the shared servers. If there are any problems, odds are you will sleep right through them and wake up to an email saying there was a problem and another one to say the problem has been resolved. All at no additional cost.

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What Are SSL Certificates?

Secure Socket Levels encrypt communications between you and your customers, just as it is encrypting the communications between us, right now. This creates a safer browsing experience. Google Chrome gives users a warning when they are accessing a website without SSL certificates.

Keep customers feeling secure when they see the lock in the browser bar. A customer may not think about it unless a warning arises. Once the security of your website comes into question, most customers will just close the browser window and go somewhere else.

Search Engine Optimization. Search engines give websites a higher ranking when they detect the SSL protocols. This gives you another advantage.

No cost to you. Our director requires every website have SSL Certificates. As such, we cannot and do not charge for them. Just another way of showing through what we offer that your small business is important to us.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is bringing your website to the top of the search engine rankings. It has been said that if your business is not on the first three pages of a Google search your business is not even listed.

We were amazed when we were the number one listing on Google, right behind the paid sponsor positions. Then we saw our two biggest competitors were only ahead of us because they were paying Google over $1,000 a month to be there. We paid nothing extra to be the highest unpaid listing. Thank you Help You Get Online!” — David GC

Google Search Verification registers your website with Google and validates your domain, plus ownership. This brings you a higher ranking than unregistered websites.

Meta Tags are keywords embedded throughout your website for search engines to latch onto. The more the search engine pings your site, the higher your ranking. This is what we offer to every client.

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WooCommerce is an online storefront which offers easy to display products, able to be customized and allows the store owner more freedom. We customize the storefront to make it user friendly without needing support each time you want to change a price (though we will happily talk you through it). As a result, you have more control over your eCommerce store.

No monthly fees with WooCommerce. Even if you move your website elsewhere, you will not incur monthly fees to have your storefront. WooCommerce also does not take a portion of your sales with every transaction.

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In the end, what we offer is peace of mind.

All of these are included in your Basic Website package.