FAQ: Do I Need A Website For My Business?

“Do I need a website for my small business?” is the question many small business owners are asking themselves right now. Regardless of the circumstances, the answer is yes. With the world’s current situation, every small business needs one more now than ever before. They need a full online presence, including social media.

Bottom line up front, due to the current world situation, the primary reason for having an online presence is to have a virtual storefront your customers can visit to view your products, price compare and check any specials. It also provides a simple contact method to ask a question. As a result, businesses without an online presence will be passed over. Social media allows the business to communicate with the customer base and bring those items into their living room but eCommerce allows them to buy from their living room.

“During COVID, I had to find a way to get my products to my customers. An online shop was an instant success. I was the only one taking online orders and delivering to their door. I ran out of merchandise faster than I could order it. We had a record selling quarter after reopening and made up most of our losses. Thank you.” — Mark BWI

Brand building is perhaps the most important factor when a worldwide pandemic is not changing shopping habits. Your customers see your website as a virtual business card that also shows your products. your online presence gives recognition and raises consumers’ awareness of your company, making your business look more credible, professional and customer service driven. Online reviews are instant references and help form an opinion of your company. This increased trust will lead to build a base of new customers. Combining social media and a website supports your advertising and marketing campaigns, increasing sales and raising recognition of your business and the brands you carry. Bottom line, it allows prospective customers to “check you out” before buying allowing you to check them out at the register!

“It was amazing to start waking up to an inbox full of orders to process. Nothing is better than starting a day with sales before the store opens.” — Terri USA

Around the clock availability becomes the next level of customer service. Your customers are able to shop online 24 hours a day. Your business never closes as messages, questions, requests and orders pour in after business hours. As such, your business will continue to grow.

“I was hesitant to buy online as we never had online shopping here. But seeing how much others truly enjoyed their shopping experience, I decided to make my purchases anyway. Best decision I ever made.” — Dawn CI

Positive reviews influence prospective customers. We mentioned it before, but when you shop online do you look at reviews and feel their influence? Many people buy just because others had a great experience. Interacting with the reviewer, especially on positive reviews, demonstrates engagement with your customers.

Now is the time to get online. Ask us how. Visit us on Facebook.