Payment Plan Options Available.

“Our clients are not another number. Because they are people with families, homes and dreams that need our help right now – we will help them. We will make them affordable to every small business owner. We are all in this together.” — MW Director of Help You Get Online

Help You Get Online understands the perils of being a small business owner, as well as the costs associated with it. That is why we are even willing to offer interest free payment plans during the COVID-19 pandemic on the Basic Website. Only the 24 monthly payment plan will incur a service charge.

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Payment Options:

Option 1: Full Payment (Total: US$ 500)

US$ 500.00 – after website is complete.

No more invoices for 18 months (time to decide if you will continue)

Option 2: 50/50 (Total: US$ 500)

US$ 250.00 at agreement

US$ 250.00 due six (6) months after website is complete

No more invoices for 18 months (time to decide if you will continue)

Option 3: 25/25/25/25 (Total: US$ 500)

US$ 125.00 at agreement

US$ 125.00 due each three (3) months after (ends at one year)

No more invoices for 9 months (time to decide if you will continue)

Option 4: Monthly Payment Plan (Total: US$ 600)

US$ 25.00 at agreement

US$ 25.00 per month for the next 23 months

We are willing to work with you to make the growth of your small business a reality and help you navigate through developing an online presence. As a result, once your 2 years ends, you have the opportunity to continue your Basic Website package at just US$ 500.00 per year or upgrade. If you upgrade during your initial 2 years, we will credit payments made to the upgraded plan and prorate the upgrade.


Request an approved payment plan


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